15-08-1947 — India was now Independent.

“At the stroke of the midnight hour, as the world sleeps…”
Tryst with Destiny, a speech delivered by Pandit Nehru, resonated with every Indian. The country and its citizens were finally free.

15-08-1947 — India was now Independent.

India’s Independence came after centuries of suppression by Mughals & later by Britishers. We let these people rule us, torture us, order us, on our own motherland. India’s struggle for freedom was going on for a long time. The Revolt of 1857 gave it the fuel it needed, but it took another 90 years before we were granted freedom. Our textbooks, unfortunately, forget to mention hundreds of important names that could make this happen. Apart from the 2 names that promoted the agenda of the political party, staying in power for majority of Independent India, the history books almost dismiss the efforts and sacrifices made by thousands of other freedom fighters.

The period right after independence wasn’t a pretty sight either. There was still the need to write & implement the constitution. While that was completed in the next 2.5 years, India & its newly found neighbour, Pakistan; were facing one of the worst periods in history — the partition. Due to the unreported facts, people look down on how hard that time was. Families were displaced and separated forever. People were killed. All on the name of religion and a boundary. If not worst, it was as bad as the Holocaust.

In the last one year, India, under Narendra Modi’s government, has taken steps to further strengthen the feeling of freedom in this country. Scrapping Article 370, ie revoking Kashmir’s special status, enabled Indians to buy property & hoist their national flag without the fear of terrorism in the part of their own country. It united Kashmir with the rest of the country. And later, CAA helped strengthen our secularism, by making the process of gaining Indian citizenship easier for minorities of other countries, the ones which aren’t secular.

The future of India is being a global power. We have the potential, the man power, the brains, and the spirit to do so. Jai Hind! 🇮🇳 Swatantra Diwas ki Shubhkamnaye! ♥️


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