Bandish Bandits!

When was the last time you saw something brilliant made on Indian Classical Music? Can’t remember? Then let me tell you about a series that recently released on Amazon Prime.

What I just finished watching is probably the best Hindi series you’ll find in the entire library of all streaming services combined. Bandish Bandits takes place in a traditional family living in Jodhpur, and revolves around the purity of Indian classical music. I hate how all the posters show this as a romantic series, because that “sells”, and none of the posters show it for what it is β€” a relationship of a student, his guru, the family, and the emotional connection to the pureness of classical music.

It’s a show about themes of values, sacrifices, practice, dedication, and respect. The plot is written to attract all demographics and does so excellently. The sideplot is crucial to the larger plot, and that’s where the romance comes in. The plot has depth, it has a meaning. Every sentence has a takeaway from it.

I could not recommend a better Hindi series, and would urge everyone to watch this. Non-Indians, to discover Rajasthan’s music & beauty. Indians, to know more about our rich culture and values.

Naseeruddin Shah didn’t play the role, he lived it. Sheeba Chaddha said more from her eyes than from her mouth. Atul Kulkarni convinced us of the character better than you’d expect. You’ve seen most of the cast somewhere before (including 3 idiots and YJHD) but you wouldn’t identify them.

And. The music. The music is the highlight here, above anything else. Exceptionally well sung, exceptionally well composed, and exceptionally well recorded. Will go down as the best mixed album (classical and pop) for the decade.

It’s just 10 episodes long.
So, PLEASE, PLEASE, go watch it.


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