About Me

Here’s where I have trouble; writing about myself. So, I’m Aarnav, a 17 year old, based in New Delhi. I’m passionate about Science, but at the same time, am quite crazy about my fandoms. Hit me up anytime about Rick Riordan, MCU, Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter, and a lot more..

I’m currently a Class XII student in Ahlcon International School, where I am also serving as the Literary Activities Secretary in the Students’ Council. I am studying Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Computer Science, and will be sitting for the board exams in March 2019.

My career goals are to work somewhere in the field of science, be it engineering or research based. I hope to figure it out when the time comes for Post Graduation, but for now I’m aiming to get a seat in a good college for a B.Tech course.

My hobbies include reading (though I find it very hard to take time out), watching TV Shows, and well, writing. I hope to take my blogging more seriously once I’ve completed High School. For now, I have a lot that keeps me occupied.

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Also, here’s a list of my favorite songs, in case you want to know!