All of me, was in love with thee

I have moved past those days,But I can’t love like that againA part of my heart resides with you still,While the left over is joint together with stitches and tapes.Weird is the world, that it knowsNot the broken heart, but how to mend bones.Funny you are too, keeping with you others’ hearts,Yet, couldn’t build one…

It all ended with a BIG BANG!

I shouted. I clapped. I laughed. I cried. A year and a half back, I started watching this show, while going through a tough time. I talked about it last year when Season 11 ended, on The Big Bang Love. Just like how I’ve always maintained, Big Bang Theory has a special meaning to me….

Thankyou, Ahlcon!

A Thankyou letter to my second home for a long time, Ahlcon Internation School.

Discussion Post: Let’s Fix Karan Johar’s Persona!

Originally posted on dontcallitbollywood:
Anonymous just mentioned in a comment that Karan should hire the same PR professionals that Shahrukh is using, and that got me thinking about what I would do, were I to be hired by Karan. Karan’s PR now seems to be focused on him being the best friend of everyone powerful,…

Why Pencil is not used in Space

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I am so happy to be back here after a break guys.. missed you all… Many of us would have heard a fact about using a pencil instead of a pen in space. Just a go through this fact. During the initial space flights, Russia as well as NASA…


An Avengers: Endgame discussion. Contains Spoilers.

3 Years of Blogging & a New Initiative

3 years ago, on this date, I was on google searching for ways I can share the content I can write; a medium through which I can get my voice heard by lots of people; a platform where I could benefit other people by my knowledge. That was the first time I got to know…

Heavens ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #185

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After a heavy rainfall, I look out of the window, and see the red building with the green grills There are colorful swings, and little children having the time of their lives, wearing the same uniform I do, reflecting my past, coming down the slippery slides, going ‘round on…