Agents of SHIELD – What is going on?

I’m confused and clueless. Before I talk more about why, be aware that there are going to be spoilers for all seasons, including the Season 6 finale in this article. And, I want to ask those who haven’t watched this show yet – please do, NOW! Spare the first 16 episodes, and after that your…

3 idiots – A Millionth Re-watch

Originally Published in the latest Edition ‘To Cinema with Love’ of Reflections Magazine! Recently, I submitted an article to Reflections Magazine, an online magazine for students, when I heard about their theme on cinema. They liked my article enough to publish it! Please visit their magazine, and give that and other amazing articles there a…

The Lion King and The Bollywood King

Lion King is making big bucks at the Box Office in the world, and even in India. For India, we can thank Shahrukh Khan for getting people to theatre to watch the same story again in the dubbed version. But, is the Bollywood King able to give a lion a voice that goes? Oh, yes….

Friendly you’ve-been-to-space Spider-man

It feels like a dream. It’s been just a little over a month since I’ve watched Endgame, and now I’ve already watched the first film of Phase IV? Or, no, the last film of Phase III? No, doesn’t sound right. It’s more of a bridge. Oh, and such a well built, stable bridge. Does it…

5 year jump – Marvel’s Misstep

YOU MURDERED TRILLIONS!! Bruce Banner We all know since Avengers: Infinity War that Avengers 4 will be about bringing half the population back to life which was killed by Thanos. HOW & WHEN were the questions. Time Travel was something that we were all sure of, but that didn’t really answer the HOW. And, when…

It all ended with a BIG BANG!

I shouted. I clapped. I laughed. I cried. A year and a half back, I started watching this show, while going through a tough time. I talked about it last year when Season 11 ended, on The Big Bang Love. Just like how I’ve always maintained, Big Bang Theory has a special meaning to me….


An Avengers: Endgame discussion. Contains Spoilers.