Almost? Almost.

Yet again, it stopped at an ‘almost’. Just like the thousand times we’ve started over, Laughed, shared, and came closer, Hoped for longing and belonging, But everytime stopped at an ‘almost’. Something that was ‘almost’ a relationship. Sometime we were ‘almost’ together forever. Somewhere we were ‘almost’ lost with each other. Some place that we…

Untitled Hindi Poem – #1

आज फिर मैंने दिल को मना लिया, जो दर्द था, उससे अंदर छुपा लिया। उसकी वजह से हुआ आज मुझे दर्द, नहीं होनी चाहिए उससे इसकी खबर। इस दर्द को छुपाने के लिए, ले आया मैं चेहरे पे मुस्कुराहट। मेरा चेहरा पढ़ लेती, इसलिए करा मैंने मिलने से इंकार, फोन पर भी रोक लिया आवाज़…

The Chat

I wrote this on 26th December, 2018. Came across this today, and I wasn’t sure if I had posted it before. That chat still resides in my archived notes, while the number stays blocked.


8 minutes into the day. Alone in the night, leaving the night out in middle. Alone through the park, heard a woman screaming, Got me scared, but she was trying to get someone open the door. I continued to walk alone.

The world I wish to be born in..

Originally posted on my galaxy sr:
? Give me a world which has just these- Bread ‘n butter and sometimes cheese! A roof over my head which no one takes, Love prevails and compassion makes bonds, that cement hearts together to love and let live-like sisters and brothers. No hate exists in minds or books We…

Those Dreadful Wednesdays

How could she say that I was the one who changed,When I still love her the same?If not the three magical words,Then what were her eyes trying to say?Even as she was fighting with me,Why did she ask me to drive safely?Then when I did get injured, why wasn’t she even slightly worried? I couldn’t…

All of me, was in love with thee

I have moved past those days,But I can’t love like that againA part of my heart resides with you still,While the left over is joint together with stitches and tapes.Weird is the world, that it knowsNot the broken heart, but how to mend bones.Funny you are too, keeping with you others’ hearts,Yet, couldn’t build one…

Heavens ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #185

Originally posted on Aarnav's Blog:
After a heavy rainfall, I look out of the window, and see the red building with the green grills There are colorful swings, and little children having the time of their lives, wearing the same uniform I do, reflecting my past, coming down the slippery slides, going ‘round on…

Sabse Achha, Sabse Pyaara, School Humaara Hai!

Every year around this date, a new session starts in school. But, for the first time in 14 years, I wasn’t a part of it. It’s a really bittersweet feeling, as today was also when I gave my last Class XII exam, and wore the uniform for one last time!