Angels, Snug, Promises

Two years ago today,Something beautiful came my way.It was a home, a safe space.It was magical, much like Ogygia, but very real.We were the golden trio, the best; yet unknown squad,We ourselves didn’t know how we got so close in 3 months. It was for a joke that the WhatsApp group was made,Unaware, what all…

Memories of A Farewell

Originally posted on Indian first:
The day has arrived when we have to part, But you all will have a place always in our heart, There is no present, no future and no past, Cause the memories we cherish, will forever last, The lessons of life will now have to learnt very fast, Cause you…


These emotions are what make us all humans.

I Don’t Know What To Say..

Originally posted on Talk Exchange..!:
You Hurt me, And I don’t know what to say. You leave me alone, And I don’t know what to say. You rule me, And I don’t know what to say. You stab me, Yet I don’t know what to say. But now I have to say, I say “Enough!”…

I wish

Some days, I forget.I forget what had happened between us,and how what you did is still something I can’t forgive.But, those some days, when I forget that,I wish, you would still tag me in memes,and reply with a face-palm, every time I try to crack a joke.I wish, I could still flood your DM, when…

He’s Sorry for Everything

Originally posted on BLISSFULLY LOST SOUL ❤:
He’s Sorry. He’s sorry that he constantly wants to talk to you. He’s sorry that he constantly wants to spend time with you. He’s sorry that he gets sad when you don’t reply to him fast enough. He’s sorry that he becomes irritable when you don’t fully pay attention…

You don’t know, you’re my Valentine

Few steps, before I would’ve lost into my own thoughts,In those corridors, I wasn’t expecting to see you that noon.Hopeless and tired, had my coat tied to my neck,As I managed not to stumble due to laces being slack.Walking into a crowd with gas molecules at high temperature,‘Ouch’, ‘Sorry’ and ‘excuse me’ were all I…

They weren’t yours to take away

It’s a poem I wrote while recovering from a bad bestfriend-breakup. Something that worked as an acceptance of the events for me.

जब याद उस कमब्ख्त की हो।

I was discussing the shayari in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, which Saba gives Ayaan to read at airport after their first meeting, on the second anniversary of the movie with a friend & I felt like trying to write a poem in Hindi once, and this is the result; my first hindi poem.

School after the Monsoon

A poem about returning to school after 3 weeks, and realising how much I’m gonna miss this building after farewell.