The Chat

I wrote this on 26th December, 2018. Came across this today, and I wasn’t sure if I had posted it before. That chat still resides in my archived notes, while the number stays blocked.

Those Dreadful Wednesdays

How could she say that I was the one who changed,When I still love her the same?If not the three magical words,Then what were her eyes trying to say?Even as she was fighting with me,Why did she ask me to drive safely?Then when I did get injured, why wasn’t she even slightly worried? I couldn’t…

All of me, was in love with thee

I have moved past those days,But I can’t love like that againA part of my heart resides with you still,While the left over is joint together with stitches and tapes.Weird is the world, that it knowsNot the broken heart, but how to mend bones.Funny you are too, keeping with you others’ hearts,Yet, couldn’t build one…

Angels, Snug, Promises

Two years ago today,Something beautiful came my way.It was a home, a safe space.It was magical, much like Ogygia, but very real.We were the golden trio, the best; yet unknown squad,We ourselves didn’t know how we got so close in 3 months. It was for a joke that the WhatsApp group was made,Unaware, what all…


These emotions are what make us all humans.

I wish

Some days, I forget.I forget what had happened between us,and how what you did is still something I can’t forgive.But, those some days, when I forget that,I wish, you would still tag me in memes,and reply with a face-palm, every time I try to crack a joke.I wish, I could still flood your DM, when…

They weren’t yours to take away

It’s a poem I wrote while recovering from a bad bestfriend-breakup. Something that worked as an acceptance of the events for me.