Almost? Almost.

Yet again, it stopped at an ‘almost’. Just like the thousand times we’ve started over, Laughed, shared, and came closer, Hoped for longing and belonging, But everytime stopped at an ‘almost’. Something that was ‘almost’ a relationship. Sometime we were ‘almost’ together forever. Somewhere we were ‘almost’ lost with each other. Some place that we…

Untitled Hindi Poem – #1

आज फिर मैंने दिल को मना लिया, जो दर्द था, उससे अंदर छुपा लिया। उसकी वजह से हुआ आज मुझे दर्द, नहीं होनी चाहिए उससे इसकी खबर। इस दर्द को छुपाने के लिए, ले आया मैं चेहरे पे मुस्कुराहट। मेरा चेहरा पढ़ लेती, इसलिए करा मैंने मिलने से इंकार, फोन पर भी रोक लिया आवाज़…

The Chat

I wrote this on 26th December, 2018. Came across this today, and I wasn’t sure if I had posted it before. That chat still resides in my archived notes, while the number stays blocked.


8 minutes into the day. Alone in the night, leaving the night out in middle. Alone through the park, heard a woman screaming, Got me scared, but she was trying to get someone open the door. I continued to walk alone.

They weren’t yours to take away

It’s a poem I wrote while recovering from a bad bestfriend-breakup. Something that worked as an acceptance of the events for me.