Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

This is important.
The first paragraph reminded me of a tough time I went through almost 2 years back. And, at such times, it might feel difficult, but you’ve to start working on yourself from somewhere. Start from these 5 points mentioned, and work towards a happy self.

Be Inspired..!!

Time and time again people would try to explain what was going on in their lives but would meet with the same old comments: “Pull yourself together”, “Stop feeling sorry for yourself”, “Everyone has got problems too you know” and “We can’t cope with you like this”. Those would come from family, friends, partners. Each time people would become so frustrated inside that nobody understood and would then turn it in on themselves even more.

What was wrong with me? Why was I not normal? What was broken inside my head? Every time they would do the same process and many have lost count of how many times they did. They convince themselves that they could fix themselves and then they would just try to act normal, they would act like they were ok, they would go out and get a job that they knew they didn’t want to do…

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  1. Arushi says:

    Love the content 💝

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  2. Thank you for spreading the word. We are all blessed.

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