Despicable M3

India, the country I live in, releases movies and books either on the same day, or months later, or in some cases the distributor doesn’t bother releasing it here. But, it’s very rare that a movie releases weeks before its official worldwide release. Despicable Me 3 is one such rare example. Though scheduled to release on 30 June in US, it clashed with Cars 3 this Friday (probably eating up lots of its business) in India.
I dunno why, but it wasn’t difficult to decide which movie I wanna watch between the two. It’s not like that I don’t like the Cars franchise, I do. But, just like every other person, I am crazy about Minions. They’re funny, they’re cute and you can’t help but adore them. You don’t know what language they speak, yet you understand everything they say. Also, Gru and his weird yet funny accent (We have a bonus Dru here!). Not to forget the three cute little girls and their Super-mom (In one scene you would be satisfied that Lucy has some Spiderman like superpowers, but she doesn’t.)

So, how did the movie turn out? AMAZING!

Though the movie gets boring at times, to balance it out, there are moments when you can’t stop laughing. The Minions were more adorable than they have ever been, even in Minions itself. They sing, they dance, and they rule like the true boss. But, in the 89 minute flick, the girls do not get as much screen time as much you would wish them to get, but during whatever time they get, it’s entertaining. Also, it isn’t able to make an emotional connection with the viewers. 
You meet a major new character, another Super-Villain and get on an adventure to steal the biggest diamond of the world!
The Third installment totally stands up to the previous two installments. The first installment was based on dad-daughters relationship, while the second one was somewhat about two overs. Despicable Me 3 revolves around the relationship between two separated brothers, and the relationship of Mom-Daughters.
If you enjoyed the previous movies, you’ll enjoy it as much. Despite a few dull moments, it doesn’t fail to impress.

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  1. Neha Kulkarni says:

    I love Agnes.. She’s so damn cute. Hey Buddy.. I love your blog.. It’s sweet and amazing.. Keep posting

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    1. Aarnav Gupta says:

      Everyone in the franchise is adorable! And, thankyou so much!

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      1. Neha Kulkarni says:


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