The Lion King and The Bollywood King

Lion King is making big bucks at the Box Office in the world, and even in India. For India, we can thank Shahrukh Khan for getting people to theatre to watch the same story again in the dubbed version.

But, is the Bollywood King able to give a lion a voice that goes? Oh, yes. Sure it sounds a little off just after a road, but his deep voice acts as a bonus factor to give the true king the true voice. You can hear Mufasa, the character, and yet you can hear Shahrukh Khan, the one we all grew up with. His son, Aryan, also did a decent work for his first project in the second half.

You know, when you watch any Hollywood movie dubbed, it feels weird because the white characters are speaking Hindi. Sometimes, even Bhojpuri. But, here, when everything is just CGI, and its lions who’re speaking some human language, it doesn’t matter whether it’s English or Hindi.

I was reluctant to watch the movie in Hindi, simply because of it being a musical. I was afraid what they’ll do the songs, how much they’ll be ruined by the dub. But, they were just as good, didn’t change the meaning either. Hakuna Matata was not translated into anything else. And, unlike lots of other dubbing, all the dialogues retained the same meaning.

Coming to it, did this film had a new screenplay? It was same. Shot for shot and dialogue to dialogue, as the 1994 original. There wasn’t a lot to do here by the makers, except work on the visuals. Which, by the way, look fabulous!

The movie has an aspect ratio of 1.85:1, so I’d recommend you to watch it on an IMAX screen if you want no black bars on the screen. Unfortunately, IMAX theatres only have English version playing. Hence, I’ll soon be going back to IMAX to watch the movie again. Or, as they say, experience the IMAX difference!

If you loved the original, and want to revisit it, go and watch it. It’s practically the same, except has amazing 3D effects and is more realistic than 2D animation. Unlike other remakes Disney has been doing, there’s absolutely zero changes here to the film.

I actually wasn’t planning to write a review, but a tweet by Kenny Sebastian changed my mind. Also, want to let you guys know, this is probably the last movie review I’m writing for a long time. But, it in no way means that I won’t be posting anymore. Follow me on Social Media to stay updated!

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Edit: So, I re-watched it today on IMAX. Here’re my views:


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  1. Ishan says:

    Well.. The Lion King King King be it in Hindi or English.. I looooved it
    As they say, #DisneyNeverDissapoints
    Plus SRK’s awaaz made it better.
    I’d rather write about my experience as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aarnav Gupta says:

      Absolutely! Disney never disappoints! ♥️


  2. You’re going to watch the movie again! Wow!
    Have you seen super 30?

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