Wonders of Science

As a kid, I never thought that the future has so many things to teach me. I remember once asking my grandfather about what chemistry is. He replied that its the study of how the things around us are made. My first thought was, I already know that the tree is made of wood and leaves and the pen is made of plastic. What else can they teach in the subject with such a scary name! I could never imagine that we will actually be studying about such minute things called atoms. It was difficult enough for me to memorize the 50 letters of the Hindi alphabets and learning a 116 boxed table was a nightmare.

Today, after studying science in actual depth, I wonder how much it has changed within the past century. It was just in 1911 when it was established that the summer fruit, the watermelon, is not actually the atomic model. And, today? We know that NH4Its has a tetrahedral shape, and there’s an angle of 109.5˚ between the H-atoms and the N-atom.

Its not only about Chemistry. Even the biological and physical side of Science has developed a lot. We’re sending satellites to Jupiter and further, discovering new galaxies and planets thousands of light years away. Every thing is getting more digital, transport is becoming faster, communications are better than ever, and we have robots to the household work. Research teams are able to find cure to deadly diseases. The world is developing at a very fast rate, and all this has been possible because of science. 

I sometimes imagine how life would’ve been if Thomson hadn’t had a watermelon for his breakfast, if Rutherford couldn’t find a gold foil, if Archimedes hadn’t taken a bath for a day, if an apple hadn’t fall on Newton’s head, or any of the scientists wouldn’t have able to arrange resources for their experiments, then there might not have been many of the resources we have today. There would not have been any ships or planes to travel, no phones to contact & probably our life style wouldn’t have been much different from 15 generations back. Instead of the upcoming auto-driving cars, all of us would still be dependent on bullock carts; we still would be writing and sending our messages through pigeons instead of the instant online messaging we use.  

That is the reason I love science. There is always something new to learn. You never know enough. Its always developing. Science section of the newspaper is probably the only one which has only positive things to tell. Science provides the answer to every how & why. Why are these iron articles getting attracted to that piece of metal? How long will it take me to reach my destination? Why does Diamond look so attractive? Why is my blood group O+? Why are all the warning signs red? Why does sun change its color several times from dawn to dusk? How does the injection works? How does the planets revolve around the sun? Why does it hurt so much while falling from a large height? Why do I have to rotate steering wheel so much just to get the car turn a little? Is time travel even possible? Why does water convert to steam so fast when comes in contact with a hot pan? What’ll happen if the sun looses its energy? Does it really rain diamonds on Saturn? Why are all the celestial bodies almost spherical? And, there is no limit to such question, and there is no limit to the answers.

I would love to know what you feel about this vast subject. Don’t forget to share your views in the comments!


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