Rick Riordan Cinematic Universe

This is for all the Riordan fans out there in the world, still upset about how horrible our movies were. I’m one of those fans. We have a right to be upset, because the Riordanverse has the capability to be as successful as Harry Potter & MCU, maybe even more. It’s very well plotted, an interconnected universe, with loads and loads of cliffhangers.

We know what Fox did to us. It ruined our hopes to see Percy Jackson on the big screen the way it’s meant to be. What annoys me more is that the director who made Harry Potter what it was, was the same person to sink Percy Jackson! Fans kept begging for a reboot on Netflix, but Fox kept ignoring them. Now, the interesting part here is that Disney recently bought Fox. That includes the rights to Percy Jackson movies! And, want to make it more interesting? Disney Books are Rick Riordan’s publishers! I don’t know what that means in legal terms for a possibility, but Artemis Fowl is getting a movie next year produced by Disney, and is also published by Disney Books. But, Disney also sold the rights to Aru Shah (a Rick Riordan Presents Imprint) to Paramount last year, so let’s not bet on yet.

Right now, Disney is working on content for Disney+ to compete directly with Netflix. And, right now, I’m talking about the adaption of a series which not only has a successful stage musical, the best and funniest twitter account ever, the sassiest author, but also something which is on the best-seller list for over 500 weeks, straight!

Also, from a money point of view, it makes sense, as if the movie turns out to be successful (which it will), it’ll only increase the revenue made by Disney Books, along with the tie-in merchandise.

So, let’s say, Disney does infact listen to all the fans screaming around the world and starts working on a Cinematic Universe. Since the MCU is more successful than ever, they’ll want to replicate those steps. And, they set out on plotting the Phase I of RRCU, casting a bunch of 12 year olds, including a blond grey eyed girl for the movie.

So, here I’m going to describe how the Universe can look like – if it happens. Or atleast, what I want it to be like! I’m just assuming the first movie comes out in 2021, and hence laying out an entire plan for Disney which they can use without any issues from my side, and just give the fandom what they deserve! Read this roadmap, and then I’ll help you with imagining some possibilities. So, stick till the end!

Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief

Release: Summer 2021
Plot: Follows the book accurately.
Credit Scene: Grover gets kidnapped while searching for Pan.

Percy Jackson: The Stolen Chariot

Release: The Lightning Thief Blu-Ray & Disney+

Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters

Release: Summer 2022
Plot: Follows the book accurately.
Credit Scenes:
1. Bianca & Nico are seen in Lotus Hotel.
2. Blackjack escapes Luke’s ship.

The Diary of Luke Castellan

Release: The Sea of Monsters Blu-Ray & Disney+
Plot: Follows the story in The Demigod Diaries, but is extended till the moment Thalia turned into a Pine Tree, on the Half-Blood Hill.

Percy Jackson: The Titan’s Curse

Release: Summer 2023
Plot: Follows the book accurately.
Credit Scenes:
1. Grover hears Pan saying “I await you.”
2. The campers discover Nico to be Hades’ son.

Percy Jackson: The Sword of Hades

Release: The Titan’s Curse Blu-Ray & Disney+

Percy Jackson: The Battle of the Labyrinth

Release: Summer 2024
Plot: Follows the book accurately.
Credit Scene: A teaser from The Bronze Dragon, which takes place during this movie.

Percy Jackson: The Bronze Dragon

Release: The Battle of Labyrinth Blu-Ray & Disney+

Percy Jackson: The Last Olympian

Release: Summer 2025
Plot: Follows the book accurately.
Credit Scenes:
1. Chiron tells some camper that Brooklyn has it’s own set of problems, in lines of what Amos Kane said about Manhattan in The Red Pyramid.
2. Extended version of Percabeth’s Underwater Kiss.

Percy Jackson: The Staff of Hermes

Release: The Last Olympian Blu-Ray & Disney+

Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid

Release: Summer 2026
Plot: Follows the book accurately. The Kane siblings record vlogs instead of audio files.
Credit Scene: Annabeth searching for Percy.

Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero

Release: Fall 2026
Plot: Follows the book accurately.
Credit Scene: Percy fighting Gorgons, and reaching Camp Jupiter.

Leo Valdez: The Quest for Buford

Release: The Lost Hero Blu-Ray & Disney+

Kane Chronicles: The Throne of Fire

Release: Summer 2027
Plot: Follows the book accurately.
Credit Scene: The siblings travel to Dallas, and come to know about the upcoming danger of Apophis.

Heroes of Olympus: The Son of Neptune

Release: Fall 2027
Plot: Follows the book accurately.
Credit Scene: Argo II reaching Camp Jupiter, and the war begins.

Kane Chronicles: The Serpent’s Shadow

Release: Summer 2028
Plot: Follows the book accurately.
Credit Scene: Carter decides to write a manual for new magicians in Brooklyn House.

Horus gets in touch with his Feminine Side (Animated Short)

Release: The Serpent’s Shadow Blu-Ray & Disney+
Details: Voiced by the actor playing Horus.

Heroes of Olympus: The Mark of Athena

Release: Fall 2028
Plot: Follows the book accurately.
Credit Scene: The last chapter from the book, post the fall.

Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods (Animated Series)

Release: 2028-29; Disney+
Details: Voiced by the actors playing that role in the movies, & narrated by the actor playing Percy Jackson.

Heroes of Olympus: The House of Hades

Release: Fall 2029
Plot: Follows the book accurately.
Credit Scene: Reyna & Nico start their journey with Athena Parthenos towards Camp Half-Blood.

Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes (Animated Series)

Release: 2029-30; Disney+
Details: Voiced by the actors playing that role in the movies, & narrated by the actor playing Percy Jackson.

Heroes of Olympus: The Blood of Olympus

Release: Fall 2030
Plot:Follows the book accurately, but makes the climax battle longer.
Credit Scene:
1. Annabeth searches for Magnus in Boston.
2. Leo reaches Ogygia & meets Calypso.

Percy Jackson: The Singer of Apollo

Release: The Blood of Olympus Blu-Ray & Disney+
Plot: Follows the story, but at the end Zeus punishes Apollo, makes him human, and throws him down from The Empire State Building.

Demigods & Magicians

Release: 3 episodes, every 2 months, in Summer 2031, on Disney+.
Plot: Each episode is a short story, The Son of Sobek, The Staff of Serapis, & The Crown of Ptolemy.

Magnus Chase: The Sword of Summer

Release: Fall 2031
Plot: Follows the book accurately.
Credit Scene: The Epilogue from the book.

Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle

Release: Summer 2032
Plot: Follows the book accurately.
Credits: Apollo records an introduction video for Camp Half-Blood in 1950s.

Magnus Chase: The Hammer of Thor

Release: Fall 2032
Plot: Follows the book accurately.
Credit Scene: A funny clip related to the wedding scene.

Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy

Release: Summer 2033
Plot: Follows the book accurately.
Credit Scene: Annabeth asks Percy to come with her to meet Magnus.

Magnus Chase: The Ship of the Dead

Release: Fall 2034
Plot: Follows the book accurately, but makes the ending little less similar to that of The Last Olympian, without changing the story.
Credit Scenes:
1. Thor decides to go on a jog to star in a Midgard show after seeing the ad.
2. An extended scene about Jack flirting with Riptide.
3. Magnus learns that Annabeth & Percy are crying about something on a phone call.

Trials of Apollo: The Burning Maze

Release: Summer 2035
Plot: Follows the book accurately.
Credit Scene:
1. Shows the ongoings in Camp Jupiter.
2. Apollo carrying Jason’s grave.

9 from the Nine Worlds

Release: Summer 2035; an episode each week for 9 weeks, on Disney+
Plot: Each episode follows each of the stories.
Details: Every episode is of 5 minutes length, and this serves as a mini-series post the trilogy on the big screen.

Trials of Apollo: The Tryant’s Tomb


Release: Summer 2036
Plot: Follows the book accurately.
Credit Scene:
1. Insides into Frank’s “death”
2. Nero’s preparation for the final battle

Camp Jupiter Classified: A Probatio’s Journal

Release: Fall 2036; an episode each week, on Disney+
Plot: Each episode follows each of the stories.
Details:Every episode is of 5 minutes length.

This was the roadmap. Now, let’s imagine something. One day, you wake up after a deep, peaceful sleep. As usual, the first thing you do is to pick up your phone, and open Social Media. Suddenly, you find a lot of posts related to Percy Jackson, just like you did back when it trended on Twitter for no reason. Your eyes are dizzy, so you don’t make of it anything. But, then it hits you. PERCY JACKSON IS GETTING A REBOOT!

Sounds so wonderful, right? You think about all the possibilities of the mega series that’s going to flood the box office very soon. You go and follow all the trends, to be updated on any kind of news – casting, director, literally anything. After all, it’s the series that got you through your middle school. It’s the series which helped you recognize yourself as a hero. It didn’t think whether you’re dyslexic, asian or a lesbian, it provided you a safe house. It’s the series you’ve read over and over again, until the book spine lost it’s strength. The series for which you shed tears for hours, non stop. It will, after a disastrous movie, finally get an adaption it deserves! (Because the Musical wouldn’t do an international show or release a recording.)

Imagine, going to an IMAX theatre, first day, first show. The seats there are blue, so are the walls. And, so is the food in the movie. There’s a 12 year old boy, with sea green eyes and black hair, who soon fills up the screen, and tells you not to watch it further if you identify yourself in it.

But if you recognize yourself in these pages – if you feel something stirring inside – stop reading immediately.

Percy Jackson

The next two hours were adventurous, and you just couldn’t stay calm, because the last time you came to the theatre for this in 2010, you left in the middle of the film.

Imagine watching Capture the Flag on the big screen. Or the Sea of Monsters. Or Annabeth holding the sky. Or the small easter eggs that’ll be hidden on the walls on the Labyrinth. Imagine the audience reaction during Luke’s sacrifice, and also imagine it during Percabeth’s underwater kiss.

Imagine feeling everything you felt – again. Including the wait. Waiting for a forever before you see Percabeth together again for the first time since their underwater kiss, and biting your nails as you see them falling into Tartarus at the end of it. Imagine shouting when Percy finally meets Magnus, or when the seven charge against Gaea. Imagine the moments when the water comes on your face when Percy starts his action in a 4DX theatre. Or, imagine the Percy-Jason fight on 4DX!

Now, imagine the hype! Finally, even people around you will know how great this universe is, and you weren’t just a nerd to freak about these books for years! The Percy Jackson merchandise will be more common, just like Harry Potter’s. Camp Half-Blood, Camp Jupiter, Hotel Valhalla shirts, the necklace, and other merch will be available readily. It’ll be impossible to book tickets for Blood of Olympus just like for Endgame. The book sales will increase, and we’ll always be confident that Uncle Rick will not turn into a JK Rowling. Uncle Rick will be happier than ever, and certainly the producers will be more than satisfied!

Now, let’s come to the best thing it’ll do. The Big Screen Representation! We all can agree how Rick Riordan has fought for representation in his books is far more than any other franchise. We have gay, lesbian, gender fluid, mexican, black, asian, dyslexic, ADHD, and literally all kinds of characters, represented as heroes! LGBT+ representation in present franchises is meh at best, take a look at Marvel movies for one.

Imagine literally starring into the Tartarus on a big screen. Or seeing the gray streaks in Annabeth & Percy’s hair slowly fade away over time. Imagine seeing Bianca getting lost in the dessert, or Zöe Nightshade turning into a star. Imagine witnessing Bob, unable to say hello to the stars!

On the fun side, imagine fan wars between Chris Hemsworth’s representation of Thor vs whoever plays him in Magnus Chase. Imagine seeing Kurt Cobain on the big screen. Imagine seeing Fredrick Chase in Titan’s Curse, and then seeing him again after 8 long years. Imagine a right cast for the roles. Imagine the perfect franchise getting the perfect treatment.


I’ve no clue how loud the fans need to scream for making this happen. We trended Percy Jackson out of nowhere recently! The Official Musical has the starting of the script ready! You just bought the company which owned the rights. You’re launching a new platform. I just laid down the whole road map for you. And, the biggest reason, the books have the exact same vibe as your films do.

Make it happen, Disney! Make it happen. It’s a win-win situation!

One of the biggest, and most loyal fanbase.

To show support, tweet with #DisneyAdaptPercyJackson. Tag Disney. Hopefully, they will notice. Rick Riordan is trying his best with multiple meetings. We can do this.

#DisneyAdaptPercyJackson @disneystudios


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    Nice post. Really, add a trigger warning there lol. I feel your anguish there.

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